Five Brilliant Benefits Of Silk You Will Love

“When you’ve got nothing left… get into silk underwear and start reading Proust.”
Jane Birkin’s Mother
The Silk Boutique

It is with very good reason Jane Birkin received this sensational advice from her mother. As we know, silk is beautiful, alluring and ever so soft to the touch. However, do you know of the array of health benefits and healing powers also unique to this magnificent material?

There really is nothing else on the planet quite like silk which contributes so much to not only one’s appearance and comfort but overall wellbeing. Silk is the only fabric you can truly find yourself in, and it's all-encompassing benefits just go to show how wondrous the fabric truly is. 

Whether it is silk lingerie, nightwear or bedding you opt for, the small luxury will reward you with copious health benefits.


If you or a loved one have ever been found to be prone to allergies, silk really is your best friend. Silk is all natural meaning it is free from any added chemicals that can cause irritation. An allergy to silk is near enough unheard of.
The natural substances contained in silk also go a long way to ward off various environmental allergens and the resulting allergies that come with them.
Even better than this, the long and smooth fibres do not irritate the skin which achieves a lot in preventing allergic reactions. All these factors contribute to the enjoyment of your day in peace, just as you deserve.

Regulates Body Temperature

Another joyous capability of silk is its natural heat-regulating properties, meaning that is fantastic at maintaining the correct body temperature. It retains heat during cold temperature whilst also allowing for excess body heat to dissipate in warmer climates. This makes silk ideal for both summer and winter. Wearing silk lingerie means your body will always be at the desired temperature.

Smooth Skin

‘Silky smooth’ is a phrase used by many for very good reasons. Wearing silk will achieve wonders for the suppleness of your skin.

The tightly woven smooth fibres keep moisture close to your skin. This hydrating ability means that body creams will be more successful when used with silk, especially overnight when wearing silk nightwear.

Ever so delicate, silk glides over the skin rather than rubbing and chafing like other materials.

To treat your skin with the attentive care it deserves, we always recommend opting for silk.


Silk contains natural protein and an incredible 18 essential amino acids, each one shown to counter the effects of ageing. The natural properties are great for the metabolism of your skin, thus reducing signs of ageing.

The hydrating effect, in turn, makes the skin appear luminous and glowing, allowing for the skin cells to plump, hiding lines and wrinkles.

Better Sleep

Did you know Marilyn Monroe would only sleep in silk? Who can blame her chosen choice of slumber when considering the benefits of silk on sleep alone.

Being enveloped in silk nightwear or silk bedding makes for an extraordinary night’s sleep! But how could it not? The touch is both supple and soft which are the perfect recipe for exceptional comfort quite like no other. This is even more apparent when adding the aforementioned temperature regulation into the mix.

Silk applies next to no pressure to the body, following the natural contours and movements of the wearer. Silk really is like a second skin.

Silk is a great investment. Your body will feel great whilst in it and the mind will know that you are taking the best care of yourself.

Wearing silk is to pamper yourself each and every day, click here to embrace the magical properties of silk. You won’t regret it.


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