Why Silk Is So Special To Us

"Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand."
Oscar De La Renta
The Silk Boutique

Look throughout history, popular culture and fairytales and you will find the luxurious legacy that silk leaves. Princesses and noblemen are often draped in this mystical material which is also the chosen fabric for heirlooms worldwide.

There are a number of unique qualities of silk worth considering whilst musing about just why silk is so special…

Its beautiful appearance, delicate touch and surprising durability only begin to cover the surface of just why this fabric is held in such high esteem in hearts globally.

To begin with, let's think about how silk is created. Silk is the product of the silkworm and is created in order for it to protect itself during the metamorphosis stage of its life. We love this, as it wholly represents the transformative qualities of silk. Much like the silkworm, when wearing silk products one will always transition into their true potential, like a butterfly emerging from the dark into its new fabulous life!

Structurally pristine, the individual fibres are smooth, fine and soft to the touch. As it is 100% fashioned from natural proteins, silk is organic and friendly. These natural qualities are known for preventing allergies, making it perfect for those with sensitivities.

It is hyper-hygienic, due to its graceful natural qualities. It deters enemies such as bugs, odours and bacteria which is fantastic for the wearer. This also prolongs the life of the material which will last a lifetime.

Another beautiful quality is its inability to create static. This means it will not cling nor crease with ease which is often the case with other fabrics. Silk is perfect for lingerie, as it can be worn under clothes discreetly, without looking bulky.

It is the world’s most sought after material, which really comes as no surprise. The smooth threads give silk a natural lustre which is distinguished, refined and beautiful. Its highly coveted traits are in demand for a good reason such as the way it flows in a supple and lustful manner. However, do not be fooled by silk’s delicate appearance, it is extremely robust and durable.

Silk must not only be coveted for its gorgeous appearance and touch. It is also extremely capable. Silk is the only material which both cools and warms the skin simultaneously. This wondrous functionality makes silk an ideal material for both summer and winter.

When you are purchasing silk, you are entering into a longstanding partnership with a material which has the unique and rare ability to retain its beauty for a lifetime.

We love silk and are passionate about sharing our luxurious, high-quality products with you. So you can wear your own magnificent part of paradise at your leisure - just like you deserve.

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